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In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Our corporate training program brings experienced speakers and communication experts directly to your company’s doorstep, ready to empower your employees with the skills they need to excel. Through engaging workshops and tailored coaching, we equip your team with the tools to communicate confidently, build strong relationships, and collaborate seamlessly.

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Patric Young had to sit to learn to walk again. Every day, he takes the next step in becoming who God has called him to be. As a motivational speaker, author and philanthropist, Patric is on a mission to challenge people to live with purpose. Every organization should nurture its people with practical wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement. By sharing his personal experiences, Patric will boost morale, provide valuable perspective, and help teams overcome challenges. Patric is now a commentator on SEC Network and helps individuals excel at their communication schools through the Speaker School framework.

Patric Young Patric Young

Jake Triplett isn’t just a stand-up comedian, he’s also an entrepreneur who has a knack for taking risks, betting on himself, and not being able to spell the word entrepreneur without spellcheck. Jake has never written a book but he wanted me to let you know that he has read several. In a world that takes itself too seriously, Jake Triplett is the reminder we all need a little more laughter. Jake doesn’t just dish out jokes; he weaves tales of entrepreneurial adventures and global escapades with a humor that enlightens as much as it entertains. Reach out today to bring Jake Triplett’s unique blend of comedy and charisma to your stage, and prepare to transform any gathering into an unforgettable journey of laughter, learning, and empowerment.

Jake Triplett Jake Triplett

With over 15 years of professional on-camera and stage experience, Ross has honed his expertise in delivering captivating and dynamic performances that connect with audiences of all sizes.

As an accomplished stage, television, and motion picture actor/writer, appearing in movies like Masterminds, Mascots, and TV shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the 4-time Emmy-nominated series Jury Duty. He knows first-hand how to overcome stage fright, and how to use the pillars of improv to connect with audiences of any size.

As a keynote speaker and executive communications coach, Ross leverages his extensive entertainment and performance background to help high-performing individuals level up their impact. He understands the intricacies of performing under pressure and harnessing the power of effective communication to deliver impactful messages.

Ross lives in Los Angeles with his amazing family and an orange tree.

Ross Kimball Ross Kimball

Brandi Spurling is a keynote speaker, writer and founder of Sage Culture Co. Thanks to years of training and content development, leading over 300 workshops and keynotes herself, she gets audiences and has a gift for bringing ideas to life.

If she isn’t supporting aspiring keynote speakers through their own messages, she’s writing online courses for thought leaders, or traveling the country working with organizations and leaders through her own keynotes and trainings.

Brandi Spurling Brandi Spurling

Jack Harnedy has worked in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry for the past 23 years across multiple functions and has worked with some of the largest and most well-known household brands. 

Jack recently published Snap & Go and tells his story through the lens of his Chicago upbringing and the lives that impacted him along the way. As an NCAA Division I long snapper at Northwestern University, Jack took this one act of snapping a football with laser precision and applied the surrounding steps (before and after a ball is snapped) to the rest of his educational, working and family life.

He is passionate about delivering growth, building strong teams, and doing it in a positive way. Jack lives just outside of Chicago with his wife and two children.   

Jack Harnedy Jack Harnedy

Justin Pickens calling is and has always been to lead, teach and inspire through storytelling. With support the support of many caring adults, teachers and administrators Justin broke free from the cyle of poverty and drug abuse that plagued his parents.Through adversity and hardship, Justin developed an undeniable since of grit and determination. With a positive mindset and a heart for pouring into youth, Justin chose the most rewarding career there is as a teacher.

Now, as a K-12 educational speaker Justin is able to live out his true calling, one that provides him with purpose and meaning.

Through storytelling, Justin speaks to students on the topics of:

  • Kindness

  • Bravery

  • Resilience

  • Purpose

  • & Grit

To educators Justin speaks on the topics of: 

  • Positivity 

  • Passion

  • Purpose

  • Culture

Justin Pickens Justin Pickens
Will Severns is the Founder of Membands, Qwill Creative, and the Co-Founder of Streamline Books, where his company helps prospective authors write, edit, and publish their book through a Turnkey Publishing process. In his businesses, Will is passionate about moving stories forward and encouraging others with what they’ve been given to do their best wherever they’re planted.
Will is the author of GougeDelete Social Media. Eliminate Pornography. Experience Freedom. And he speaks to groups on the topics of entrepreneurship, ministry, and the benefits of deleting social media—among other stories he loves to share with audiences. Will is a firm believer that “You don’t have to be funny, but you have to be fun.”
Will and his wife, Lauren, live in Kansas City with their son, Branch, and daughter, Wynnie. He is an avid Royals and Chiefs fan, and loves to read, exercise, eat Kansas City BBQ, and plan fun date nights/vacations with Lauren.
Will Severns Will Severns
Liz is a Michigan native and a real estate professional. As a licensed Michigan attorney, she is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Real Property Law Section. She serves as the Chair of the Title Agent and Associate Member Committee, Chair of the Education Committee for the Michigan Land Title Association and is active with the American Land Title Association and CREW Detroit. She is also a licensed title producer agent in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. She has been a board member of several organizations, including non-profits, educational institutions, and banks.
Her passion is in sharing stories and experiences. Her career has been shaped by professionals willing to share what they have learned throughout their journeys, and she has made it her goal to follow their example by practicing transparent and empathetic communication. Liz encourages everyone to find their voice and own their power regardless of the industry or job description.
Liz Casselman Liz Casselman

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