From Small Beginnings to Big Stages: The Power of Small Wins in Speaking

Every speaker who sets out to make an impact starts somewhere. Every amazing speaker you witness at one point started out in a small room somewhere sharing their story.

I still vividly recall that evening when I stood in front of a small group of only 8 people for my fist talk. The room might have been modest, and the audience might have been intimate, but little did I know that this humble beginning would be the foundation of something much greater.

Small Wins, Big Impact

Small wins, though they may seem insignificant at the time, play a crucial role in our journey as speakers. They are the building blocks of success, the stepping stones that pave the way to grander stages. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of big crowds and renowned platforms, but the truth is, those opportunities are often the result of consistent effort and a series of small victories.

My first engagement taught me invaluable lessons about connecting with an audience, refining my message, and navigating the dynamics of public speaking. I even asked for feedback from the people in that room after my talk and I still have those notes today! It was a chance to learn and grow, laying the groundwork for the confidence and expertise that would propel me to larger audiences in the future. Small wins are the workshops where we hone our craft, and they are just as significant—if not more so—than the big stages.

The Hard Work Pays Off

Building a speaking career is akin to constructing a skyscraper. It requires a solid foundation, and that foundation is laid through hard work and dedication. In the early days, when the crowds are small and the recognition is minimal, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But it’s precisely during these times that the groundwork for success is laid.

At Speaker School, we believe in the transformative power of persistence. The countless hours spent refining your message, practicing your delivery, and seeking out opportunities to speak—all contribute to your growth as a speaker. It’s the behind-the-scenes work that prepares you for the spotlight. The big stages are the result of the countless small stages where you’ve invested time and effort to perfect your art.

Embrace the Journey

Any successful speaker knows that speaking is a journey of continuous learning, embracing every opportunity, and understanding that success is not an overnight phenomenon.

Remember this: your small wins matter. The early days of your speaking career are not to be rushed or overlooked. They are the chapters that shape your story and define your success. Speaker School is not just about the big stages; it’s about the journey, the growth, and the fulfillment that comes from putting in the work.

Celebrate the small wins that bring us closer to our dreams. The journey is long, but each step, no matter how small, is a victory worth savoring.

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Alex Demczak started Speaker School to help individuals launch and scale their speaking business. Alex previously worked in corporate sales for five years. On December 21st, 2021, Alex quit his full-time job to pursue his speaking business full-time. Alex now performs around 50 speaking engagements per year to audiences across the country. Alex and his team at Speaker School are on a mission to empower others to do the same.