Unleashing Your Voice: How Writing and Publishing a Book Propels Your Speaking Business to New Heights

As a communicator, there is nothing that allows you to increase your credibility quicker than writing a book on your own content and framework. I have reaped the benefits of writing and publishing my books as a speaker and you can too. Here are seven things that writing a book does for your speaking business.

1. Establishes Authority and Expertise

Publishing a book instantly positions you as an authority in your field. Your expertise, carefully crafted into chapters and pages, becomes a tangible resource that showcases your knowledge. This newfound credibility lends weight to your words when you step onto the stage, making your audience more receptive to your message. The root word of authors is authority. What are you waiting for?!

2. Builds Your Personal Brand

Your book is not just a product; it’s a part of your personal brand. A well-written book communicates your unique perspective and insights, setting you apart from others in your niche. As your personal brand strengthens, so does your speaking business. People will seek you out specifically for your distinct voice and expertise. I have experienced this countless times in my speaking business. Someone will read my book and then reach out to me asking me to share the message with their group. It is an awesome feeling!

3. Expands Your Reach

A book has the power to reach corners of the world that might be inaccessible otherwise. Whether your readers are across the street or across the globe, your message can inspire and impact them. The wider your reach, the more inquiries you can expect for speaking engagements. A book can serve as an introduction to your ideas, attracting a global audience to your speaking services. Will Severns at Streamline Books says, “Writing a book instantly makes your message portable.”

4. Creates New Opportunities

Being an author opens doors to various opportunities such as media appearances, interviews, and collaborations. These avenues not only boost your book sales but also enhance your visibility as a speaker. The more exposure you gain, the more invitations you receive to speak at events, conferences, and workshops. I tell people this all the time: Speaking leads to more speaking!

5. Enhances Your Speaking Topics

Writing a book allows you to explore your subject matter deeply. The process of researching and organizing your thoughts can uncover fresh perspectives and insights. These newfound angles can enrich your speaking topics, adding depth and relevance to your presentations. Your book becomes a valuable resource, providing a solid foundation for your speeches and workshops. A great example of this is how my mentor and co-author, Jon Gordon, is the author of 28 different books. He gets booked to speak on his different books which allows him to have multiple messages and deliveries.

6. Connects with Your Audience

When your audience reads your book, they connect with you on a personal level. They understand your journey, your challenges, and your triumphs. This connection fosters trust and familiarity, making your audience more engaged and receptive during your speaking engagements. The emotional resonance created by your book can transform a passive listener into an active participant in your presentations.

7. Generates Passive Income

Beyond the direct benefits to your speaking career, a published book can serve as a source of passive income. The royalties from your book sales can provide financial stability, allowing you to invest more in your speaking business. This financial freedom enables you to focus on refining your skills, expanding your services, and reaching even greater heights in your career.

In conclusion, writing and publishing a book is not just a milestone in your journey as a speaker; it’s a powerful catalyst for your growth. It amplifies your authority, expands your reach, creates opportunities, deepens connections, and generates income. So, if you’ve been contemplating writing that book, now is the time to unleash your voice and watch your speaking business soar to new horizons.

Life is short. Sit down and start writing your book. If you are ready to get started on your book, visit Streamline Books to learn more about how you can write and publish your book in a 20-week process!

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